Sunday, 7 September 2014

☼ birthday meal and stuff ☼

Yesterday I went out to Frankie and Benny's for my friends birthday meal. I had pizza and a huge ice cream sundae after, which was really nice! I had a lot of fun and hung out with a friend who I hadn't seen in a while, met someone new friends, got to spend time with my bestfriend and got to take some cool polaroids and pictures with them after the meal. 

I wore my black long sleeved crop top and a black skater skirt from New Look, with my holographic platform shoes from Schuh, my sun and moon choker and my black tattoo choker style bracelet which I wear all the time. ☠ 

Below are some photos we took, sorry this is such a short post but everytime I exit the app on my iPod the post doesn't save, so I've had to write it out again loads of times 

Now that school has started, I will be posting less frequently due to me doing a lot of homework and revision as its my GCSE year! But I'll blog when something cool and interesting happens. Thankyou for reading 



Friday, 5 September 2014

☹ why i haven't been posting / update!! ☹

The reason I haven't posted much over the past few days is because my laptop has suddenly decided to not turn on anymore. I'll be posting less as I will have to use my iPod now, and the app is much more slower and more complicated compared to the website.

Just a quick update though,...,,
Yesterday, I went back to school after 6 weeks and started year 11! My classes and teachers are near enough exactly the same which is alright, and I'm getting on well with pretty much everyone.
I'm going to try my best to improve myself this year, I want to make more of an effort with the way I look, by improving my clothes and makeup. I want to start putting more effort into my school work, otherwise I'll be screwed for my exams. Outside of school I also want to start improving my social life and expanding my friendship group, because my friends seem to ignore me out of school and not want to hang out with me which is a bummer.

☆ Ill be posting again on Sunday after my friends birthday meal on Saturday night, I already have my outfit planned!!! Thankyou for reading and I hope you guys understand 

!! Side note !! I have been picked to promote a lovely choker store ran by a girl who makes wonderful chokers! Ill be receiving one in the post soon and I'll give a review and post the website as soon as its here! I'll be promoting their store once a week on here for a few weeks until her store gets up and running properly, I hope you guys don't kind a bit of promotion here and there! Thankyou for reading 

. Tia :)

Sunday, 31 August 2014

☾ cool friends, cool photos ☾

Earlier today, me and Maisie took a trip up to the chase and we took some pictures. It was unbelievably sunny so the snaps we took came out pretty cool. Maisie is extremely photogenic, unlike myself. Check out her blog if you have the chance! (Everytime I mention her name, her blog is linked).

It's good to have a friend that you can follow around with a camera. And it's good to have a friend that does the same for you. 

Some photos we took today..,,..,.,

Trying to blend in with the didn't work

The dress I wore: Primark, £8 (I don't normally shop there due to what I've heard about them; but the dress was lovely and I couldn't resist)
White crop top: H&M, £3 
Tights; Asda, around £3
Shoes: Schuh, £28

I also wore a tattoo choker style bracelet which was £3 from River Island, it came in a set of 2, with a black and purple. 
Embedded image permalink
My choker, which you cannot see in the photos (the screenshot to the right is from her bigcartel, which is the choker I won, her site linked when I mention the store!) is from Sea Sirens UK, I won the mollusc choker through her giveaway, which I can't believe I won! When I received the choker it came in a lovely tissue paper wrapped package including some little sweets. It fits my neck perfectly, and it is so well made, I would definitely buy from her store again! So if you're looking for a cute choker to add to your collection, go and buy something related to the underwater (❁˘◡˘❁)

Thursday, 28 August 2014

♡ birmingham adventures and stuff ♡

Yesterday I took a trip to Birmingham to meet one of my friends called Emily who I met whilst queuing for 5sos back in March, and it was really fun! We went to most of the shops in the city centre and we ate lunch in mcdonalds 

I finally bought the physical copy of the 1975's album from HMV for £5, some tattoo choker style bracelets from River Island for £3, a 5sos sticker from HMV (lame) which was £1 and a pink gemstone-y bracelet for 50p from Claire's (me and Em got matching ones which is pretty cute ♡)

I wore a basic black short sleeved crop top from New Look for around £4 with a blue, black and red tartan skirt, from New Look again for £6 and black tights underneath. I wore my favourite shoes, aka my black hologram looking high platform shoes from Schuh, for £28. I bought these earlier this month and they're already splitting at the sides, it might be the way I walk or it might just be how the shoes are made, but other than that slight problem they're really cool shoes and can help you create a grunge look, along with tartan styled things and dark outfits.             

The jewellery I wore - a sun and moon choker on a black cord, which you can make yourself or buy off e-bay or someone who sells chokers on instagram/bigcartel. I got mine from Moons Jewellery, I found out about this seller through instagram and bought 3 items from her store! The charm chokers I bought were lovely and really well made. I also wore my tattoo choker style bracelets and my friendship bracelet which are pictured further up.

Thankyou for reading and comment below if you have any questions or just general comments!

- Tia ♡

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

✧*・゚ hi!! ✧*・゚

To start this whole blogging thing off I'm going to tell you a bit about myself I guess?

My name is Tia (as you already know) and I'm about to go into year 11 in high school. I'm 15, and my birthday is on August the 3rd. I live in England, near Birmingham, which is cool because I can catch the train and shop around whenever I feel like it, but most days it's either raining or it's cold. My hair is naturally brown, but throughout the summer I decided to dye it blue and get a fringe, which I've been wanting to do for a while. I have brown eyes and I don't take very good selfies. I have a lot of friends, from loads of different places. I have a few bestfriends who live in walking distance, a bestfriend in Bracknell, and a few friends in Manchester and even America!

I love music, cool clothes and stuff to do with the supernatural, like ghosts and witches also horror movies and cool tv shows, so that's the thing I'm probably going to blog about a lot. My music taste varies, I can go from listening to heavy metal to listening to boybands such as One Direction (weird, I know), my favourite band ever are 5 Seconds of Summer, they're mean sometimes but they make really cool music.
I love seeing bands live too. I've seen a lot of bands it's hard to count, but my favourite gigs I've been to are All Time Low and 5sos. 
I love grungy-style and vintage clothes. High platform shoes, holographic stuff, skater dresses, tartan shirts and skirts, cool band t-shirts and chokers. 

I'm not sure what else to say really, but as I've said earlier on I'll probably be blogging about clothes and music a lot. So if that's what you're interested in too then heck yeah let's be friends!!!

You can e-mail me if you wanna comment that's cool with me, and if you wanna e-mail me that's cool too!!
My instagram:
My vine (I don't use it a lot but there's some stuff on there I think):

Photos of me??